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Plastic Injection Molding Machines
Tsong Cherng has more than 25 years of experience in plastic injection molding machinery in the Brazilian market, offering machines with clamping force up to 2600 tons. Tsong Cherng has more than 2500 machine installed in Brazil and globally.

Tsong Cherng
Located on Taboão Avenue in the city of São Bernardo do Campo, Tsong Cherng has more than 25 years of experience manufacturing plastic injection molding machinery. Tsong Cherng machines range from 60 to 2600 tons of clamping force and come with Tsong Cherng’s commitment to working in partnership to serve our clients. The Tsong Cherng team includes a dynamic sales force supported by a professional technical support team committed to quality, competitive pricing, and rapid response time to any client request. The São Bernardo factory features a full production line, complete machine shop, and ample supply of original machine parts for replacement or custom modifications.

Tsong Cherng’s robust machine offerings are augmented by a complete line of machine accessories; including hopper-dryers, automatic loaders, crushers, material mixers, mold heaters, frequency inverters, and more. Within our four diverse lines of machines you can be sure to find the best solution for any injection molding application with the best cost-benefit on the market. Tsong Cherng offers specific machine solutions for special processes such as injection blow, technical injection, PET, polycarbonate, PVC, 100% electric injection, vertical injection, and more.

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